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Woven Blinds – Adding Style & Function to our Cabin

cabin living room with white textural macrame on the wall, primitive bench and wood shelves

Last week we added gorgeous woven blinds to our Winter Park cabin and I absolutely love them!!

If you’ve been here a while, then you know that our cabin is anything but mountain kitchy! If you come to visit (and we hope you will), you will never be dwelling amongst carved bears or tacky moose prints! Instead, we hope you’ll kick up your feet, sit back and enjoy the warm and cozy environment we’ve created using moody paint colors, natural wood tones, and lots of textural elements!

mountain cabin in winter park colorado - spruce cabin
mountain cabin decor with a magnolia wreath hung on a rack of deer antlers and a pot rack with vintage copper pots.

Our quaint, little cabin in Fraser, Colorado (right outside Winter Park Ski Resort) is a continual work in progress! Each time we visit, we try and tackle a new project (some large, some small). The cabin has come a long way since we bought it (see before photos here). Before it was bland and plain… void of ANY character, yet oozing with potential! So, last week was no exception. With a simple goal in mind – add light blocking window treatments – we were able knock out another SUPER EASY project (taking just under two hours) that really ramped up the cozy factor!!

The Living Room – Before Our Woven Blinds

The main living area of our cabin is flooded with beautiful, natural light! I found these handsome plaid curtain panels on clearance at Pottery Barn Teen and I absolutely love them! However, the window was still lacking the depth and character that I was looking for, and this is where Select Blinds comes in!

As a long time customer of Select Blinds, I am beyond excited to have partnered with them for our our new woven blinds. These Gorgeous (and super affordable) window treatments are exactly what our cabin needed to add in the layers of cozy character that I have been hoping for! But before I show you the gorgeous after photos, let me show you the before pics … including those in the bunk room (eek!)

cabin dining room window before

The Bunk Room – Before Our Woven Blinds

Please don’t laugh as you view this “before” shot of the bunk room! Ok, feel free to snicker a little, but when we purchased the cabin we were on a TIGHT budget! We weren’t quite ready to purchase new window treatments and yet we desperately needed some sort of light filtering coverage (our girls rise with the sun) so anything was helpful! So, yes, the lovely tension rod curtains that came with the cabin remained in place until it came time to upgrade them. Plus, the girls would pull them down, place them across the bottom bed and use them as curtains to put on plays. So you know… they were multi-functional! 😉

cabin bunkroom window treatment before

Add Texture, Warmth and Light Blocking Functionality with gorgeous Woven Blinds!

I knew since we bought this cabin that I wanted to layer the windows with cozy curtains and light blocking, natural woven wood blinds. We used Select Blinds in our previous home and ever since I have been hooked! Select Blinds offers TONS of choices, but for me… I’m a natural woven blind kind of gal! I just can’t get enough of the warmth and texture they add to a room! A beautiful window treatment takes a plain window and elevates it to the next level! These natural woven blinds from Select Blinds are no exception! They are sophisticated, functional and amazingly safe (did I mention that they are CORDLESS)! This is, of course, a must with curious and playful children!

Select Blinds are EASY to order and install!

If you’re scared off by the idea of measuring and installing your own blinds Select Blinds has services available to help you thru the process, including professional installation. However… that being said, let me tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS!! The step by step instructional video and printable measurement worksheet provided on their website are incredibly helpful and truly make it an effortless process.

My Measurement Worksheet

The website easily walks you thru ordering your blinds in an organized and effortless fashion! From choosing your mount style (inside or outside of the window casing) to customizing your blinds with various options, such as black out lining or privacy lining, you can custom build your blinds to your exact needs!

Once your blinds arrive at your doorstep, simply measure and center up your brackets, drill and pop in your shade!! SO easy!

installing the window treatments with a power drill
Select Blinds window treatment installation
Select Blinds installation in the cabin dining room

Customization and Style Options

One of my favorite features that Select Blinds offers is the ability to order lots of free samples! Looking thru their website, you’ll find an abundance of beautiful choices. From various woven blinds to plantation shutters and fabric blinds… they offer it all!

Ordering samples not only allows you to effortlessly create your design palette (in person before ordering… no surprises here!), but it also locks in any current promotional pricing for 30 days! And let me tell you, Select Blinds has some AMAZING sales! So whether you order your samples early and wait for the perfect sale, or you order your samples during the sale… they’ve got ya covered! No need to panic… you are able to wait for your samples and take your time 🙂 I like this about their company… I never like to make a decision under pressure.

select blinds sample options

Our Cabin Selection – Natural Woven Blinds with Blackout Liner

For the cabin we chose the Premier Bamboo Shades in the color Ponderosa. The natural bamboo color compliments the flooring gorgeously and adds the perfect element of warmth, dimension and coziness to the space! We decided to customize our blinds and add a blackout liner for each of the rooms. The blackout liner is amazing! Darker rooms equals longer sleeping kids… and longer sleeping kids (AKA no more 5:30am wake up calls) equals happier parents! 😉

We decided to use blackout liners for the main living area as well. Guests utilizing the pull out couch in the living room, will definitely appreciate the the blackout blinds providing some much needed darkness for sleeping thru the early morning sunrises (if waking up that early just isn’t your thing).

Living Area – Before and After Installing our Select Blinds

cabin dining room window before

Once lacking in character and dimension, these new woven window treatments are the icing on the cake! They add the perfect amount of cozy with their warm tones, and textural dimension!

cabin living room with new window treatments
cabin living room with window pane plaid curtains and natural woven blinds
cabin living room with window treatments, primitive bench and leather chair

Bunk Room – Before and After we Installed our Select Blinds

cabin bunkroom window before


natural woven blinds on window in the bunk room over a dresser and bunny lamp

Eventually we will add some beautiful curtains to this room (as we did in the main living area), but for now this provides a clean, beautiful (and light blocking) look to the girls bunk room!

natural woven blinds over a bunk bed

One Weekend Project at a Time

We are beyond happy to have our window treatments from Select Blinds as a part of our cabin! Wow, what a difference it makes! Whenever we can effortlessly achieve style AND function… well I’m a happy girl! I look forward to creating many more family memories around this cabin and seeing each vision come to fruition … is so satisfying! Hope you all have a cozy weekend ahead! And remember, if you’d like to experience our cozy cabin in person, we’d love to host you! Simply visit our listing on Airbnb here!

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