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Barndominium – Adding character to a small bathroom

close up of barndominium bathroom

Our 4-stable horse barn conversion (our barndominium if you will) is finally complete and I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite rooms… the bathroom!

barndominium bathroom with vintage reproduction cast iron sink from NBI Drainboards and a vintage mirror and unlacquered brass faucet

As strange as it sounds, the bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in our 1310 sqft barndominium! Many might shutter at the idea of a 5×8 bathroom (especially when it’s being shared by a family of 5, lol!), but I see it as the perfect opportunity to load up a small space with personality and charm!

Barndominium Bathroom Design

Small bathrooms and powder rooms offer the perfect opportunity to let loose and have a little fun! There is no reason you can’t pack a lot of beauty into these small spaces… it simply comes down to the finish work and product selections.

barndominium bathroom with vintage reproduction cast iron sink from NBI Drainboards and a vintage mirror and unlacquered brass faucet and painted headboard on the walls

If you remember back to my original barn bathroom inspiration post, I planned on designing a very classic and nostalgic space. I wanted a bathroom that felt clean and fresh, but one that also gave a subtle nod to the rustic stables that ones resigned in this space.

barndominium bathroom design inspiration board
Original Design Plan – Inspiration Board

Barndominium Bathroom Reveal!

While the final design changed slightly, one detail that remained constant from my inspiration board was the trough style sink! Of course the horses didn’t drink out of anything this beautiful, but I love the subtle nod to the stables that this trough style sink adds to the space, paying respect to the horses that called this home before our family.

final barndominium bathroom with vintage style sink, school house light and a vintage mirror.

Cast Iron Sink – Cons

I have always adored the look of a classic trough style, cast iron sink! The simple design and contrasting color options is nothing short of beautiful! However, despite the beauty, there are a few cons on my list when it comes to a cast iron sink.

Although cast iron can last a long time and is very durable, it is prone to rust and staining (I know we have all seen those rust stained sinks on Craigslist!). Cast iron is also susceptible to chipping and scratching, which can lead to costly repairs. And my biggest con with cast iron sinks are that they are HEAVY! So heavy, in fact, that that they often require additional mounting to support the sink’s weight.

Get the look, but not the headache!

But isn’t that a cast iron sink I spy in your barndominium bathroom you ask?! And the answer to that is yes AND no! I stumbled upon this little gem of a sink while searching around Etsy of all places and was amazed by what I found!!

Wall Mount 24″ High Back Bath Sink – Tricorn Black from NBI Drainboards
Wall Mount 24″ High Back Bath Sink – Tricorn Black

Meet the most gorgeous and LIGHT (yes, light) reproduction sink you’ll ever see! I discovered NBI Drainboards on Etsy, however, they have been around for quite a while. In fact, if you are an HGTV Hometown fan you may have noticed that the Napiers used this same brand of sink in one of their remodels!

barndominium bathroom

These beautiful sinks offer a “modern, reliable, and a more practical approach to those wishing to include a vintage vibe into their new or existing designs while avoiding the use of a worn-out or difficult to find vintage originals.” I mean have you ever seen anything more perfect in your life? Because, let’s be honest, no one loves the fact that cast iron is annoyingly heavy! What we love most is the gorgeous aesthetic and vintage vibe that a cast iron sink offers… and this sink has married the look and the improved (light) design all into one beautiful option!

Another thing that I love about this sink (aside from how amazing it looks in our bathroom!) is that it is virtually non-porous, stain resistant and will not rust or peel over time like cast iron.

Our bathroom sink comes in various sizes and colors, but we ultimately decided to go with the 24″ high back sink in Tricorn black. In my opinion, black is classic, timeless and I love how it compliments our exposed brass shower system (also found on Etsy) and our unlacquered brass faucet!

Barndominium Bathroom Shower Tile

I decided to keep things simple in the shower and used a 3×9 white subway tile from Floor & Decor. Because it’s a small bathroom, I opted for white grout. I love the look of white tile with a dark grout, but didn’t want it to appear visually distracting. Additionally, our chosen tile has an organic edge that is slightly wavy, as opposed to the traditional sleek and straight subway tiles that we all know. I love that you can still see the organic edges of this simple subway tile, which adds the perfect amount of interest and back drop to our lovely shower system!

unlacquered brass exposed shower system in barndominium bathroom

Barndominium Bathroom Flower Tile

For the flooring, we use a classic marble hex tile, also from Floor & Decor. It has a subtle warm veining throughout and compliments the beautiful sink and green/grey paint color on the walls.

sink and marble hex floor tile in barndominium bathroom

Barndominium Bathroom Finish Trim and Lighting

To finish the look and tie it all together, we installed 4×8 beadboard panels and color matched them to our Desert Gray kitchen cabinets from Semi-Handmade, and a classic school house wall light (of which I spray painted black to match the sink).

antique mirror in the barndominium bathroom

Each of these small design details help to make this bathroom a small space with a big and beautiful impact. The gorgeous sink is certainly a showstopper and it makes me smile every time I pass it through the hallway! If you love the look of a cast-iron sinks, I highly recommend you check out NBI Drainboards and the myriad of options they have available! All in all, this bathroom turned out exactly how I envisioned it… fresh and clean with a hint of nostalgia!


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