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Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel – Design Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Design Board

I’m so excited to begin the design of our farmhouse bathroom remodel in the barn! As we draw nearer to the beginning of our farmhouse remodel, it’s time for me to start narrowing down all those beautiful Pinterest images and really hone into how I would like the design to come together.

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Such a project can be a rather daunting task if you take in all at once. I find it easiest break the design down room by room. Today I’ve been working on the farmhouse barn bathroom.

(For those who are new here, we have a 4 stable barn on our property which we plan on converting to a 2 bedroom “barndominium.” Once complete, we will move into it while the main home is renovated. Afterwards, we will have a wonderful guest house for friends, family and potentially even an AirBnb)

I’d like the barn to have a particular aesthetic… one that feels part rustic (giving a subtle nod to the origins of this building) and part nostalgic. The bathroom is an easy place to start, because it’s small (5×8). It’s petite size provides a wonderful opportunity to cozy it up and play with texture, wall treatments and statement pieces, like a beautiful trough sink!

 I Spy DIY bathroom with Kohler Brockway Sink
Photo Credit: Jenni Yolo with I Spy DIY
Rafterhouse photo
Photo Credit: Rafterhouse

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel – Farm Sink

I’ve always longed for a farmhouse style trough sink, but previously had gone back and forth on the idea for this space. Being that we are a family of 5 who will share this small bathroom space, we need all the storage we can get! Given a trough style sink provides absolutely zero storage (save the soap dish for a bar of soap), I just couldn’t see how this was an option for me, plus the price tag for the infamous Kohler Brockway sink, honestly, made me want to vomit!

However, after a late night brain “sesh” between me and my restless mind, I had that “aha” moment! Switching out the bathtub for a space saving shower would provide me the necessary wall space needed to create a tall nook of storage shelves … and just like that the trough sink was back!! Next i was tasked with the job of finding a more affordable dupe that I not only love just as much, but that would be durable and high quality.


Farmhoue Bathroom Remodel Farm Trough Sink

I’m so in love with this trough sink and even more in love with the fact that this highly rated sink is the perfect size AND the perfect price! If you’ve ever drooled over the Kohler Brockway Sink only to be disappointed by it’s hefty price tag, you will be doing a little happy dance once you see that this farmhouse trough sink not only comes in various sizes and colors but is also HALF THE PRICE! Woot!

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel – Brass Faucet

And of course a gorgeous farmhouse sink wouldn’t be complete without the perfect two mount faucet! I’m obsessed with this natural brass faucet! Everything from the white porcelain cross handles to the adorable (and practical) soap dish! This exact brand of faucet can be found on various websites, such as Houzz, but I did a little price shopping for ya (because who does’t like a deal?!) and found that (pssst…) Walmart actually has one of the lowest prices! Houzz carries this faucet for the same price, however I personally like the idea of a brick and mortar store to which I can make returns, should there be a need 🙂

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Brass Wall mount sink with white porcelain cross handles and soap dish

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel – Tile

Hex tile has always had a special place in my heart – I adore it’s old world aesthetic and classic charm. In our last home, I used white hex tile in each of the girl’s bathrooms and in the laundry room. I absolutely loved the look, but for this bathroom I’d like to infuse a little more personality. This black and white floral hex tile is the perfect solution! It reminds me of decades past, is affordable, classic and timeless!

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel black and white floral hex tile

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel – Extra Storage

In addition to the built in shelving unit that will reside next to the shower, I love the idea of adding a natural weave basket under the sink. Doing this will not only infuse warmth into the space, but add a little bit of bonus storage for extra toilet paper rolls or hand towels.

basket inspo from BHG
Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel – Lighting

The barn bathroom will have a lot of black, white and natural woven colors so I don’t want to ignore the light fixture as a the perfect opportunity to bring in a little bit of color. I’ve always swooned over the classic American lighting from Rejunvenation! The style and aesthetic is spot on for what I am wanting to achieve for our remodel! I found this gorgeous flush mount ceiling light and fell in love with not only the classic simplicity, but the sage green color option! I love how this color not only breaks up the black and white, but adds a bit of nostalgia with it’s historically appropriate color.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Carson light from Rejuvenation

Just seeing this farmhouse bathroom remodel come together on paper gets my heart pounding and just itching to get started!! Once the engineer signs off on the plans, we are ready to submit them for permitting and get started! In the meantime, I’ve started purchasing some of the above items to stock away until it’s time to use them. Being that it’s Memorial Day, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of big money saving sales!


Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel design board
  1. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee Paint
  2. Rejuvination Carson 12″ Semi-Flush in Sage Green
  3. Natural Brass Wall Mount Faucet with Cross Handle + Soap Dish
  4. Single Bowl Reproduction Farmhouse Sink – Tricorn Black 24″ x 18″
  5. Medium Natural Kubu Celeste Tote Basket
  6. Black and White Floral Hex Tile
  7. Dreamline Unidoor Toulon


Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Pinnable image for Pinterest


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