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$2 Magnolia Wreath – DIY Tutorial


Magnolias are also a traditional Southern symbol of hospitality, so naturally incorporating one into the cabin decor was a no brainer. It’s very important to us that our friends, family (and Airbnb guests) feel warm and welcome in our home, and adding in a touch of greenery (Magnolia leaves none the less) is the perfect way to do so!

I’ve been planning for one since the initial design concept, however while Magnolia wreaths are easy to come by these days (thanks Joanna Gaines!), the good ones can be quite pricey (starting at over $100!) And, the less expensive ones… well… they just don’t cut it; They simply look too fake for my liking.

Toss in our shoe string budget  and, well, that leaves me with no choice but to get a little creative. But you know me… That’s my favorite part!! Thrifting, making, you name it! I’m up for the challenge! (remember my custom faux mantle?)

Not too long ago, my neighbor brought home a bag filled with beautiful Magnolia leaves, plucked straight from her parent’s backyard! She toted this bag, along with her toddler, all the way from Ohio and delivered these beauties to me! Can you believe that?? Seriously the best.neighbor.ever!  I stocked them away for future projects, but such is “mom life” they sat in my closet for months… unused… just waiting. However, wait no longer people, because today is the day!! We are going to MAKE our own magnolia wreath AND to the tune of $2.00!! Yep, you read that right! $2!! 

And, fYI, I am a “wreath maker newbie” here folks… so jump right in! Don’t be nervous, you can do this!


• WREATH FORM – You can find these all the time at thrift stores! I scored this one for $2 and the size was just perfect! Don’t feel like thrifting for one? Just head on over to the HobLob (and don’t forget to show them the 40% off coupon that is always on their website!)

• HOT GLUE & HOT GLUE GUN – I had one on hand, but if you need one, head on over to your local craft store. (and did you know that you can buy a pack of glue sticks at the dollar store for $1! What a steal!)

• MAGNOLIA LEAVES – ok, so I realize that this project might not be $2 for all! If you do not have a Magnolia Tree to pick from (or a super awesome neighbor who will bring them back for you), you can purchase artificial and preserved leaves on Amazon for a pretty decent price. Here is a link to some artificial leaves that look very realistic!



The process is pretty simple really, but the key to a beautiful and uniform looking wreath is to work your way around the wreath in 3’s. First, start with the largest leaf within your 3-leaf grouping… this is going to be your center leaf. Hot glue it to your wreath form.


Glue your 2nd and 3rd leaves to the form, keeping the end of the stems close in proximity and the leaf portion fanned out. I like to place the 2nd and 3rd leaf over the initial large leaf for a more natural look. You can alternate the placement within each grouping for a more natural look.

For example, in my next grouping, I will tuck leaves 2 and 3 underneath the center leaf, as opposed to on top.


Continue to glue your 3-leaf grouping around the wreath. Slightly overlap the second grouping over the previous grouping so that the stems are not visible. Continue to glue your 3-leaf groupings in this manner until you have reached the end (or beginning, depending on how you look at it) of the wreath.


For the last grouping, make sure to tuck the stems underneath the very first leaves that were glued down.


If you have floral wire on hand, you may find it helpful to tie your three leaves together at the stem and then glue them together as one unit.

If you find that there are any bare spots or areas where the wreath looks uneven, simply insert and glue in extra leaves where necessary.

And there you have it! A beautiful Magnolia Wreath to call your own (and at a fraction of the cost!) Enjoy!