Spruce Cabin

A Cabin Adventure!


photo source: Diane Capri

Hi Happy Campers!

How dreamy is this Southern Living Whisper Creek Green Idea House??? I mean, seriously… I’m dying over here! This picture is the inspiration for our future cabin build out! My husband and I have had always longed for a cabin to share with family and friends. We envision growing old with this cabin… filling it with laughter, campfire stories, fairy forests and eventually (one day) grandchildren! Well friends, if you’ve been following along with my Insta-stories, then you already know that the “Spruce” and I have recently come across a small mountain home in Fraser, Colorado (right outside of Winter Park for those who are unfamiliar), and we close THIS FRIDAY!!! We are literally chompin’ at the bit!! You see, this home checks all the boxes on our mountain home “wish list”

• Trees and open air space to run, jump and climb – CHECK! (with .63 acres of fenced / treed property, it’s the perfect location for zip lines and fairy forests!)

• Large enough room for our family + an additional family to vacation and make memories –CHECK!

• Small enough for us to easily and affordably maintain – CHECK!

• Room to renovate and add onto over the years (The Whisper Creek home is the perfect inspiration!!) – CHECK!

• In need of some aesthetic renovations, so we can put our touch on it – CHECK! CHECK! AND CHECK!  (this home is as plain as they come!! Think white with white and then why don’t ya go ahead and just throw in a little more white in there!)


We (and by “we” I mean “I”) am still searching for the perfect name to call our soon-to-be mountain home. There is a lot of pressure here people! I mean we intend on keeping this property in the family for generations! The property is a small 1120 sq ft. chalet-style home at the bottom of a sweet, little street called Little Pierre. Jokingly, I thought we could call it Chateaux Denneaux (after our last name, Denno) 😉 Adam says it’s perfect, but it’s not jiving quite right with me (hmmmmm….) we’ll see.

So with all that said, this weekend we will embarque upon a new renovation adventure (Eeeeeeekk!!! Can you feel my excitement???!!!) and I am going to be posting all of the progress right here on the blog for you to follow along. I will also post pics over on my Instagram account, so if you’d like to follow along, make sure to head on over to IG and follow the hashtag #mycabincrush (I’ll be posting jaw dropping inspiration pics there) and #myrusticreno (for progress pics of our cabin). And while the exterior might take quite some time to get that “Whisper Cabin” look, the interior is going to be rockin’ and rollin’ 🙂 Happy Campin’!




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