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Antique Door Knobs – Small Change, Big Impact!

nostalgic warehouse new york long plate antique door hardware

Pssst! I want to let you in on a little secret… When changing up the look and feel of a space, it isn’t always necessary to have to go big! Sometimes, a simple design change, like antique door knobs, is all that you need to deliver big results!

I’m super excited to have partnered with Nostalgic Warehouse on this simple design project to show you just how easy it is to change up the look and feel of a space with one simple change – door hardware!

Simple Cabin Update

Our quaint, little cabin in Fraser, Colorado (minutes outside of Winter Park) has been a continual work in progress! When we bought the home, it was nothing special; The walls were bland, the carpet was gross and the yellow pine wood doors felt dated! However, behind all the “blah,” we saw big potential! The home has large floor to ceiling windows that flood the main living area with natural light and its tall, cathedral ceilings make the 1100 sq ft home seem much larger than it is!

The two bedroom, two bath home is the perfect size for our family to enjoy, maintain and slowly bring back to life via DIY projects and affordable design updates!

Now that the bigger projects were out of the way, it’s time for the details!

When we first moved in a little over a year ago, we immediately ripped out the carpet, laid a beautiful (and affordable) luxury vinyl plank floor and painted the back walls of the living area a dark, moody color called Soot. These initial projects added instant charm and character to the cabin! Since then we have been working on smaller, simple design changes that make a big impact – floating shelves in the living room, kitchen updates and … door hardware!!

close up of new york long plate and oval homestead knob in oil rubbed bronze

Our cabin came equipped with beautiful, brass door handles compliments of circa 1990 (can you sense my sarcasm?) I’ve always disliked them, not only because they are builder grade and cheap, but also because they accentuated the yellow tone of the existing pine doors.


before photo of brass door handle

Ideally, I would love to change out the doors all together, however, the wood does compliment the new paint color, and provides a cozy, rustic feel for our cabin.

Our previous home in Denver had beautiful, black door handles with nostalgic backplates that I simply adored! We chose these handles so that we could add back in the charm and character to our new home build. I knew that swapping out the brass door hardware for new, yet nostalgic looking door handles would be the perfect way to add the same timeless charm to our cabin! These gorgeous door handles are simple, and incredibly impactful!


pine door of our cabin with new york long plate and oval homestead knob in oil rubbed bronze
antique door knobs pine door of our cabin with new york long plate and oval homestead knob in oil rubbed bronze

Deciding on the Right Antique Door Knobs for your project

You may have never thought about door hardware before… Or perhaps you’ve noticed a beautiful handle set in a vintage home, on Pinterest or Instagram, but thought that sourcing them would require hours (that you don’t have) scouring salvage shops or vintage Etsy shops? Well, I’m here to tell you that is not the case! Nostalgic Warehouse is a one stop shop for all things vintage hardware! Their website and online design studio is so fun to play around with! I know, I know… door knobs? fun? But, seriously, yes! There are endless combinations to try until you find your perfect antique look. Within their website, you can mix and match the various designs styles, knob shapes, back plates, colors, etc. It’s such a helpful resource if you are a visual person like me! Crystal knobs, porcelain knobs, beautiful metal finishes and more! You name it, they have it!

greenery in a vintage wine bucket in front of pine cabin doors with nostalgic warehouse door hardware

Installation of the antique door knobs was SUPER EASY!!

And seriously, I mean easy! Typically in our home, I’ll come up with the ideas and then hand over the plans to my husband to finish and carry out the execution. However, this project… although he did help, it wasn’t necessary. You got this! All that was needed were the easy to follow instructions that came within each carefully packaged box and some basic tools. However, should you need a little extra guidance, this video from their website will tell you everything you need!

Having gone back and forth between a few amazing options, we finally landed on the classic New York Long plate with Homestead Knob in Oil Rubbed Bronze and the Studio Deadbolt for our owner’s closet. We want our cabin to feel cozy, simple and nostalgic; These door knobs fit the bill just perfectly! They feel great on hand and rest beautifully amongst the pine wood doors!

Customized Door Knobs for the win!

close up and zoomed out photo of pine doors with antique door knobs

Doors and doorknobs are one of those things that is easy to overlook. It’s the smallest of details, however, that can make the biggest impact, and door hardware is certainly a wonderful example of this!! Simply by stepping outside the builder grade basics, you can upgrade your space to one that feels custom and unique! Whether you are updating a rustic and cozy space like our cabin, or trying to add vintage charm back into your home, you can find something for every style at Nostalgic Warehouse!


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