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Thrift & Flip – DIY Pottery Vase (McGee & Co. look alike)

diy pottery vase

This DIY Pottery Vase Tutorial is the first of what I hope to be many “Thrift & Flip” segments, where I take items purchased during my Thrift With Me Thursday segments and flip them into beautiful home decor I actually want to use in my house!!

In today’s Thrift & Flip, I am going to be taking this vase from last week’s Thrift With Me Thursday, picked up for a mere $5.99,

diy pottery vase - thrift store vase

and turn it into this $248 McGee & Co. look alike!

McGee & co diy pottery vase example
Brushed Charcoal Vase – McGee & Co

Mudded pottery and large earthy vases are all the rage right now, and I am personally loving the trend! These vases are a statement piece all on their own, but make the perfect vessel for seasonal stems and leafy twigs!

This “Thrift & Flip” requires only a few materials and about a half hour of your time… that’s my kind of flip! Below are the materials and a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own McGee & Co. look alike vase from a thrift store find!

DIY Pottery Vase Materials

Thrift Store Vase – look for one with a bulbous shape and lots of texture (rough spots, uneven surface, etc.)

Fine Grit Sandpaper – this pack has a variety of grits, so it’s got you covered!

Black Paint – I prefer using a furniture paint, because it adheres to most surfaces and it dries quickly!

• Mud – simply head out side with a bowl, grab some dirt from your yard and add some water!

Paint Brush – Any paint brush will do, but these are my favorite to keep on hand for any DIY project! Game changer!

Rag – You can find some here, or simply tear up an old t-shirt or grab an orphaned sock!

• (Optional) Matte Top Coat

DIY Pottery Vase Tutorial

DIY Pottery Vase Step One:

Remove the tassel (or any extras that your vase might have) and give the entire vase a good sanding with a fine grit sand paper. Doing this will give your vase a nice surface for the paint to adhere. If your vase has a super glossy finish, you may need to use a courser grit sand paper.

DIY Pottery Vase Step Two:

Paint the entire outside of the vase black and let is dry (if you are using furniture paint, this should only take 5-10 minutes.

DIY Pottery Vase Step Three:

Once the paint has completely dried, rub the entire exterior of your vase down with wet mud using a brush or your hand.

DIY Pottery Vase Step Four:

When the mud has changed from a dark brown to a light brown sand color you will know that it is dry. Once the vase has completely dried, wipe back the mud with a damp rag. Continue wiping the mud back until you have the desired effect and color, adding more water to your rag if needed to remove more mud.

doy pottery vase wiping

DIY Pottery Vase Step Five:

Decorate! That’s it! Your vase is complete and ready to style and fill with beautiful stems!

diy pottery vase
diy pottery vase top down
diy pottery vase


I did not find it necessary to paint or do anything to the interior of my vase, so my vase will not be ruined by added water inside. Should you want to further protect the outside of your vase, paint the entire exterior with a matte top coat. Keep in mind that this might darken the color of the vase.

diy pottery vase close up
diy pottery vase in mirror

Pretty easy, huh?! I am absolutely in love with how this vase turned out!! So much so that I have picked up another thrift store vase and am going to be doing this same project again, but this time with a cream colored paint!

I’ll let you know how it turns out! Until next time friends!

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