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DIY Schoolhouse Pendant Light Hack

DIY Schoolhouse Pendant Light in bathroom

This DIY schoolhouse pendant light hack takes a builder grade pendant and transforms it into a Rejuvenation look alike!

I’ve always drooled over Rejuvenation schoolhouse pendant lights with their preppy stripes and timeless charm! They’re absolutely to die for, however that all that beauty comes with a hefty price tag! Now don’t get me wrong… absolutely nothing can beat the real deal, but until we rip out these walls and adorn with new light fixtures, I’m not wanting to drop that kind of cash.

I do, however, want to make the space we’re currently in feel fresh and pretty. Therefore, the only obvious answer is to DIY our builder grade pendant light with this super simple DIY schoolhouse pendant light hack. Because, if you can’t buy it, DIY it! Am I right?!

Below I’m going to walk you thru how I transformed our builder grade light fixture into a Rejuvenation look alike. I am also going share with you some things I might do differently the next time around (because DIY doesn’t always go as planned and it’s helpful to learn from others mistakes and discoveries!)

DIY Schoolhouse Pendant Light Materials

  1. Spray Paint – Rustoleum White and whatever color you would like your stripe ( I chose Rustoleum Coastal Blue Chalk Spray Paint)
  2. Elmer’s Rubber Cement (or a liquid Masking Tape)
DIY Schoolhouse Pendant Light Hack Materials


Watch this video on YouTube.

Before we begin, I want to share with you the plan for this DIY schoolhouse pendant light hack. This light has an existing stripe, or indentation in the glass dome representing a stripe, that I plan to use as my easy guide. I am going to create a white dome with a soft blue stripe to compliment the painted vanity created during my powder room makeover (similar to the Rejuvenation light pictured above).

DIY Schoolhouse Pendant Light Materials

STEP ONE: Paint the color of the stripe

Using my Rustolem Chalk Spray Paint in Coastal Blue, I sprayed the exterior of the entire glass dome blue. Now you could simply spray only the striped area, but I just went ahead and sprayed the entire surface to ensure an even application.

DIY Schoolhouse Pendant Light Hack 1
blue spray painted light

STEP TWO: Apply liquid masking agent

After the spray paint dries, apply the liquid masking agent to the area that will have the stripe (in this case, I followed along the existing stripe/groove) using a small paint brush.

DIY Schoolhouse Pendant Light Hack rubber cement

Side Note:

I have seen large DIY projects where a liquid called FastMasq Liquid Masking Tape has been applied to the window panes of exterior doors when being painted. However, somewhere along the line, I had also read that this product is very similar to the effects of Elmer’s Rubber Cement, which could be used as a good substitution! Being this DIY schoolhouse pendant light is a smaller project, I decided to try the rubber cement.

painting on rubber cement stripe

STEP THREE: Apply white spray paint

Once the rubber cement has fully dried, spray the entire glass dome with white spray paint. This will cover over all the blue, but don’t worry, the rubber cement will protect the blue stripe!

white pendant light

Once the paint has fully dried, I flipped the glass dome over and sprayed the interior white as well, giving it a nice and clean finished look when viewed from below (just like a Rejuvenation light!)

STEP FOUR: Remove liquid mask

Once the white spray paint has fully dried, use your finger to gently rub away the area which contains the rubber cement. You may need to use your finger nail to start, but then you can use the soft pad of your finger to roll off the rubber cement. Am I bringing you back to your elementary school days?!


To finish this DIY schoolhouse pendant light, spray a little bit of each color onto a plate until it pools. Using the excess paint, touch up any uneven lines or portions of paint may have scraped off.

STEP SIX: Hang and Enjoy your DIY Schoolhouse Pendant Light!

At this point you may want to seal the painted light dome with a clear spray paint (I did not). Now your DIY schoolhouse pendant light is ready to hang and enjoy!

DIY Schoolhouse Pendant Light in bathroom

Things I would do differently the next time:

As with every DIY project that is a little bit of trial and error. This method worked wonderfully, but there were a few things I might have done a little differently, so I am passing these tips onto you so if you try this yourself, you are ensure a successful DIY!

  1. Layer the rubber cement on thick! I applied a fairly thin layer of rubber cement and while it did a great job masking the paint, it was a bit more difficult to roll off. Applying the rubber cement using a thicker coat will make removal much simpler! A thick coat will roll off into little balls as you push it along with your fingertip.
  2. Wait patiently for the paint to dry! It is soooo tempting to move onto the next step when working with spray paint (I might have a little problem with this), but waiting for the entire recommended dry time will ensure a smooth and flawless finish.
DIY Schoolhouse Pendant Light in bathroom


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