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Painted Interior Door Ideas


Have you ever thought about painting your interior doors something other than white?! In this post I am exploring painted interior door ideas and looking at the possibility of painting our doors in the remodel dark gray!

Recently, I’ve been drawn to dark, moody tones. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a white, clean palette, but throw in a dark accent color amongst the sea of white and it’s simply… well… striking!

Painted Interior Door Ideas

Recently, I came across an image on the instagram page @wearewoodgrain and the image stopped me in my scroll!

 Painted Interior Door Idea - dark door and trim

The gorgeous contrast between the white walls, deep blue gray trim / door and the stunning brass hardware got me thinking… maybe our remodel needs to include such interior doors! Naturally, I took to the internet to find more examples of painted interior door ideas, specifically those that were painted with a dark and moody palette!

I found many examples, some I liked and others I didn’t. Originally I thought a pure black was the way to go, but after diving a little deeper I discovered that I prefer a paint color with dark gray blue undertones and a beautiful antique hardware, such as the unlaquered brass door handle below, which would age to perfection with each turn! Or the beautiful aged brass with crystal knob set would be a gorgeous option as well!

This example from Remington Avenue is a perfect example of a dark door done right, as is the second example from Bob Villa! The brass and crystal knob takes this painted interior door and makes it timeless, yet classy.

Painted Interior Door Idea via Remington Avenue
Beautiful painted door from Remington Avenue
Painted Interior Door Idea via Bob Villa
Handsome painted door from Bob Villa

The Silver Lining

Being that we plan on gutting and remodeling our fixer upper farmhouse, I have the unique opportunity to try things out without having to worry about “ruining” our home or feeling stuck with a DIY that maybe didn’t quite work out the way I had planned.

Let’s Test Out!

This got me thinking… if I am considering a dark paint color for our new interior doors, why not try it out beforehand?! You know… kind of like a try it before you buy it type scenario 🙂

Our bedroom is the perfect spot to test it out, as it’s a place that not many see. If I paint the doors and hate it… well it will be our little secret hidden behind our bedroom door!

So naturally, I again took to the internet in search of the perfect paint color. Without fail, every time I saw a beautiful painted interior door it would turn out to be Sherwin Williams Iron Ore! Bingo! That was my test color. I’m not one to linger over decisions, so this was a one and done kind of shopping trip for me. I headed to the Sherwin Williams store, picked up a test pint of Iron Ore and a small soft foam roller for a smooth finish and application.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Swatch
Painted Interior Door Idea via The Home I Create
Door painted in Iron Ore from

The result of our Painted Interior Door

I won’t go into the details of how to paint a door, I’ll save that for another post. However, this project did not take me long at all and I am over the moon with the results! I am hooked! This dark and handsome door is the door I never knew I needed! Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but wow! Just look at the before and after photos… the dark color adds so much warmth and coziness to our room. I am absolutely sold on idea of a dark painted interior door AND Iron Ore as my “go-to” color choice!


Painted Interior Door Ideas - White before shot

After – Painted Interior Door

Painted interior door ideas showing a door painted with Sherwin Williams Iron Ore
After – Iron Ore

So are you convinced yet? If you are even mildly thinking about it, I invite you to give it a try! It’s only paint after all and I think you will love the results!

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  1. Good choice Kaylyn! I have painted all of my doors a dark charcoal grey and love it. Steph just painted the doors in her daughter’s room navy and is loving it. I think soon she will be painting all the doors in her house too.

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