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Farmhouse Mudroom Makeover (From Drab Closet to Functional Mudroom)

straight on shot of the completed farmhouse mudroom makeover

Come check out our farmhouse mudroom makeover! We took this disgusting, after thought of a closet and turned it into a functioning (and adorable) farmhouse mudroom!

Our Farmhouse Mudroom Before

After we moved in July, this was one of the first projects my husband and I decided to tackle. This little closet, adjacent to the garage, was used by the previous owners as overflow pantry storage. Housing an abundance of stained carpet and a large refrigerator, we knew that this space was meant for so much more!

farmhouse mudroom makeover before photo

My Dream Farmhouse Mudroom

With a three grade school kids, we have an abundance of boots, coats and backpacks! Needless to say, we need A LOT of hooks! I’ve always swooned over the beauty, simplicity, yet extreme functionality of tongue and groove walls with shaker style hooks! The double-level rows make it easy access for the entire family and offer double the storage capability!

straight on shot of the completed farmhouse mudroom makeover

Farmhouse Mudroom Makeover

STEP ONE: Remove the Old Carpet

We started this project by removing the old, stained carpet. Roll it up and get it out! However, the flooring underneath the carpet was almost worse than the carpet! Beneath lie a lovely pebble patterned linoleum, compliments of the 1960’s!

We ultimately decided to clean up the floor and paint it a clean, crisp white. This room will be getting a complete gut once the major home renovation takes place, so paying for new flooring in this room isn’t something we want to do.

STEP TWO: Measure, Cut and Install the Wall Panels

Next, we installed the mudroom wall treatment. Real tongue and groove wall paneling can be a bit spendy. Not wanting to spend too much on this pre-renovation project, we went with it’s more affordable cousin, 48×96 panels of beadboard!

Adam cutting the bead board for the farmhouse mudroom makeover

These panels not only look great, but they are a cinch to install! After measuring and determining how tall we wanted our panels to run, we had ours pre-cut at the store to make for quick and easy install. The installation tools required to install these panels were liquid nails, our Porter Cable brad nailer, a jig-saw (for cutting around the outlets), wood putty and caulk to fill in the seams and holes.

jigsawed plug outlet cut out
beadboard with jigsawed plug cutout
liquid nails for paneling and porter cable brad nailer
Adam applying liquid nails to the back of the beadboard panels
Adam using the brad nailer to install the beadboard panels to the mudroom wall

After installing the beadboard panels to the wall, we filled the holes with wood putty and sanded them back, making them ready to paint!

Kalyn applying wood putty to the holes in the bead board wall panels

STEP THREE: Install the peg boards

Next, we measured the height and location of our horizontal 1×6 boards, grabbed our laser level (we LOVE this thing!) to ensure they were straight all the way around and installed the panels using the liquid nails and nail gun.

Note: We installed boards that house the shaker pegs OVER the beadboard panels, because we installed two rows. If you are simply installing one, top level of pegs, you might want to cut your boards to allow for the peg board to sit atop the panel.

Kalyn wiping the saw dust off of the mudroom walls

Once your horizontal boards are installed, use your caulk and a wet rag to close up all of the seams and any gaps.

STEP FOUR: Measure and install the shaker pegs

Once the horizontal peg boards are installed, determine how many hooks you desire per level, measure and mark with a pencil. Make sure when measuring, to consider the distance of the end pegs from the adjoining walls. You will want your first and last pegs to sit a few inches in from the wall – a backpack hung too close to the adjoining wall will not hang correctly. From here, divide and measure the space in-between, based on the amount of pegs you have left.

Kalyn measuring the mudroom walls
black + decker laser level
Black + decker laser level showing where the shaker pegs will line up in our farmhouse mudroom makeover
some of the tools used for our farmhouse mudroom makeover
husband drilling the pilot holes for the shaker pegs

After measuring/marking the pegs, drill the pilot holes using a 1/2″ drill bit and screw in the shaker pegs using a generous amount of clear Gorilla glue to add extra security.

Black + decker laser level showing where the shaker pegs will line up in our mudroom
new shaker pegs are installed in the mudroom


Having installed the panels and pegs, it was time to give this room a fresh coat of paint, using the same paint as the rest of the home – Sherman Williams Snowbound for the walls and Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray for the shaker pegs / boards.

unpainted shaker pegs in the farmhouse mudroom makeover

STEP SIX: Stain / Install Shelves and Finsih with Functional Decor

The final touch to finishing our farmhouse mudroom was installing the stained pine shelving and decorating with functional décor – metal baskets and storage bins! Installing the shelving was easy! We cut our pine boards to the desired width, stained them and simply placed them upon the ledge created by the shaker peg boards.

after photo of the farmhouse mudroom makeover
straight on shot of the completed farmhouse mudroom makeover

I am so in love with our new mudroom! I think it’s safe to say that it is my favorite room in the house, lol! This farmhouse mudroom is so fresh and completely functional!

closer shot of the completed farmhouse mudroom makeover

I love that our entire family can come in from the garage and have a place to toss our gear!

after photo of the farmhouse mudroom makeover with chilewich rug

Our farmhouse mudroom does have a door, but it’s so pretty (even with the gear) that I never feel like closing it!

row of pegs in the completed farmhouse mudroom makeover

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