We’re going to live in a barn!

Barn Kitchen Mock up

What are ya living in a barn?! Well… yep! But in all seriousnesses, we truly are going to live in a barn! It feels like it has been a looooong…. and I mean loooooong time coming, but we finally broke ground on the barn conversion project! I figured this would be as good a time as any to fill you in on the plans for this project and begin documenting the process. Because when I tell you this is going to be a fantastic before and after… well… that is no joke!!

Barn Interior Layout
Barn Exterior Drawing

The Barn Idea – Do you have horses?

Well, that’s a funny question, and one that we have been asked more times than I can count! The answer is, no, we do not have horses… nor do we plan on getting horses. For many, this barn was nothing but a stable… meant to house horses and store farm equipment. But for me… well I saw so much more!

House & Barn – The Master Plan

So what is the plan exactly? Well, let’s start with the big picture or the first phase of our master renovation plan. When we purchased this property back in 2019, it had always been our intent to renovate it and make it our own! I fell in love with the bead board ceilings, the expansive property and all that this home could become!

We dreamt about this property for awhile before actually making an offer… the ideas were endless! I remember sitting in the upper church pew, praying for answers as to whether we should make such a move… we had, after all, just finished remodeling our then current home just 4 years prior!

I was almost letting go of the idea when my husband leaned over an whispered, “we could have a Christmas Tree farm!” and then, of course, my mind wondered to holiday markets and wreath making over wine!

barn demo bedroom and insulation

I dreamt of a new home with an old soul, and I dreamt of making the barn into a studio in which I’d host home decor / antique pop ups, creative classes and a place to work on furniture flips!

barn demo bedroom

However, as we got into the house and started thinking about the idea of moving again, come renovation time, and the amount of money we would spend renting elsewhere, that dream quickly pivoted.

<<Enter 11:00 pm brain child of an idea… that’s when the best ideas are born, am I right?!>>

“Why don’t we convert the barn into a finished 2-bedroom barndominium and move into it while we renovate our home?!”

barn demo bathroom
barn demo with sunlight shining thru

Brilliant right?! Now it’s not quite as frugal an option as renting, but at least the money spent will be going back into our OWN pockets, instead of lining someone else’s. Additionally, all the ideas I previously had for this space could still play out… just in a more finished and beautiful space 🙂

barn demo

So what DO you plan on doing with the barn once your home is complete?

Once the renovations are complete we will continue to use the barn for friends & family, a and a slew of other family dreams that we have for this property!

barn demo kitchen
barn kitchen mock up

Dream Big!

We dream of one day having a boutique farm experience. We know little about farming, growing, etc. but are learning as we go and have big dreams! We envision hosting a neighborhood Christmas tree lot, complete with a holiday pop up market and wreath making classes. Wouldn’t that make the most fun girls night out?! Wine, music and wreath making with fresh Christmas tree clippings? I can just smell it now!

Wreath making class

Our kids dream of baking pies, selling hot cocoa and apple cider… young entrepreneurs in the making!

My husband is planting a lavender field out in front of the barn and dreams of selling all things lavender! Can’t you just imagine opening up the barn windows and smelling the lavender waft in?! Or perhaps you are attending a fun, crafty class in the barn while sipping on some lavender infused libation?! The ideas are endless and we can’t wait to finally begin making them our reality!

barn lavender fields
londonist lavender fields
Photo: Londonist

And we are excited to have you all along for the ride!!

xoxo Kalyn Denno logo for Boxwood and Spruce

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  1. Such a cool idea! I cannot wait to see! I love following all your craft ideas and would definitely sign up to make a wreath! Have you seen that Brandon left the cooperate world and is woodworking. He recently finished a solid wood table for the Horn family. Check out his Instagram custom upcycle woodworks.

  2. What a great vision you have for this beautiful property! Your ideas are majorly creative and inspired. You guys have what it takes to make these dreams a reality. I’ll be rooting for you all the way!

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