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The Best Spooky Decor for Halloween

stack of pumpkins and a skeleton sitting by the fireplace reading a book surrounded by bats

Spooky decor around the house sets the tone for for Halloween and gets little ghouls and goblins excited for October 31st! Our home is no different, in fact our children began listening to Halloween music in September! So with this in mind, I have gathered up the best spooky (and affordable) decor for Halloween.

In my opinion, the best spooky decor is that which can be tied into everyday living… a witch’s kitchen or a spooky cobweb, spider infested corner. Adding these touches goes beyond your typical orange and black Halloween decor and adds a bit of whimsy to the holiday!

Witch’s Broomsticks and Hats

I always dreamt of being a witch as a child, flying around on a broom stick and casting friendly spells. These whimsical witches brooms are perfect for spooky decor, and can be hung from the ceiling or peppered into your everyday decor for a spooktacular twist.

spooky decor on a wall with a witch's broom

Alternatively, you could dress up the exterior of your home. I love this styling by H. Camille Smith and how she used whimsical handmade broomsticks to dress up her outdoor planters!

And don’t forget the witch’s hat! These pointy black hats are perfect to hang from a porch ceiling or even just to place around the house or exterior of your home!

spooky decor with exterior decor and broomstick planters and witch hats
Cassidy Garcia, Styling by H. Camille Smith

Giant Spiders

Nothing says spooky like a giant 6 foot spiders! These creepy crawlers really pack a punch when it comes to Halloween and are surprisingly affordable!

spooky decor with giant 6 ft spiders

Add them to your garden, lawn or affix to the exterior of your home using this version that comes with a web… either way they are frightfully fun!

spooky large spider with large spider web on the outside of a house

Add Spooky Decor with Haunting Prints

There is nothing more eery than a haunting photo that seems to be watching you from every angle! Grab one of these spooky and affordable prints from Etsy, pair it with an inexpensive Goodwill frame and you have frightfully inexpensive Halloween decor!

Also, consider making an oversized print for a huge impact, or hang a haunting family tree gallery! Either way, it’s spooktacular decor for your home!

spooky witch portraits
Printables available from SSSStudio

Create Spooky Decor with Poisons and Potions

While your on Etsy, don’t forget to grab some creepy poison and potion labels. Soak your used wine / beer bottles (or grab some empty bottles here or these amber apothecary bottles here) and replace the label with one of these.

When grouped together it creates a spooky bar where the libations are to die for!

spooky decor with a bar made up of poison and witch's brew labels on old wine and apothecary bottles
printable poison labels for Halloween
Labels by laughngypsy

3D Bats

Adding 3D bats to your home is a fantastic way to up the spooky factor! These 3D bat decals are so easy to apply and can be used inside or outside! Place them around your fireplace, around a window or door or even over your hood vent in the kitchen! And the best part is… you can reuse them the following year bringing you years of spooky fun!

white brick fireplace with a skeleton reading a book and bats flying out of the fireplace

Spooky Scary Skeletons

Adding a posable skeleton is an excellent way to add to your spooky decor, plus they’re so much fun for the whole family! Move these fun characters all over the house, dress them up and even give them a name (ours is Skelly). Any way you put it, these skeletons are a must have for Halloween… even if you prefer a “bare bones” kind of Halloween (wink, wink… see what I did there?!)

spooky decor or a skeleton reading a book with a rose in its mouth next to a stack of pumpkins
skeleton in a living room surrounded by bats

Drippy Candlesticks

Drippy candlesticks are a fantastic way to add a magical Halloween glow to any decor. Hang faux candles from the ceiling or create a vignette with “spell books” and other witch-like artifacts. Drippy candles will add ambience and magic.. whether you buy battery powered faux candles or light the real deal, you can’t go wrong!

Harry Potter candles hangin from the ceiling
Photo Credit: www.ChrisLovesJulia.com
candles and skull in a spooky halloween vignette
Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping

Plastic Skulls and Bones

Plastic skulls and skeleton bones can be purchased for very little and are the perfect accent to create a scary Halloween vignette. Group the skulls in with a pile of pumpkins and mums, pepper them around your home or create a vignette with old books and a skull placed under a glass cloche.

plastic skull with rats in a glass cloche
Photo Credit: Target found on Apartment Therapy

Don’t forget the skeleton arms and hands! Create a spooky graveyard in the lawn and place the them in the ground as if the dead is rising from the grave! The possibilities are endless with the fun skeleton skulls and bones!

spooky outdoor decor with a skeleton coming out of the ground
Photo Credit: Walmart

Spider Webs

Last but now least… an oldy, but a goodie… Add faux spider webs! Faux spider webs are easy to stick on picture frame corners, doorways, flower arrangements (anybody else have dead mums that need dressing up?!) and just about anywhere you can think. A little goes a long way and gives you a lot of bang for your buck! Of course if you want to go really creepy you can opt not to clean for awhile and those real spider webs can be used as free decor 😉

faux spider webs stretched out with a plastic spider in the middle for spooky halloween decor

I have such fond memories of decorating for Halloween and hopefully my kids are creating similar spooktacular moments! And remember, whether you spent a lot or a little, save all the decor from year to year and soon you will have a frightfully wonderful collection use!

Happy Halloween!

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