Thrifting with Boxwood & Spruce – Thrift With Me Thursday 8/14/20

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Welcome to Thrift with Me Thursday, where I take you thrifting and show you how to use second hand items in your home decor that you might otherwise have overlooked!

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Today I went back to the Goodwill, but I didn’t end up purchasing anything this thrifting trip, but I did find some pretty items that got my mind thinking… mainly about Fall, Fall decor and big leafy stems, lol!

There are two items that I am thinking I maybe should have picked up, namely the pretty basket and the vintage hand planer. However, there will always be more treasures to find!

What was your favorite item I found this week? Would you have picked up that basket and hand planer? Let me know if the comments below! Also, if you have other fun ideas for the items I found, leave those in the comments too… I love to hear your ideas!

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