Thrifting with Boxwood & Spruce – Thrift with Me Thursday 10/22/20

thrift with me Thursday bedding Laura Ashley

It’s Thrift with Me Thursday, where I take you thrifting and show you how to use second hand items in your home decor that you might otherwise have overlooked!

This Thursday, I ventured out to the Arvada Goodwill, let’s see what we can find!

Watch this video on YouTube.

My Thrift with Me Thursday Haul

This week, the I purchased the floor mirror, because who can’t use a good floor mirror?! I plan on eventually painting it… I am thinking either black or white, but for the time being it will remain wood. The other item I couldn’t resist was the vintage flour scoop! I couldn’t pass up on its colonial aesthetic and will find a place for it perhaps in our future barn conversion 🙂

Thanks so much for thrifting with me today, happy thrifting!



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