Thrifting with Boxwood & Spruce – Thrift with Me Thursday 8/5/20

thrifting with Boxwood and Spruce - antique spoon rack

Welcome to Thrift with Me Thursday, where I take you thrifting and show you how to use second hand items in your home decor that you might otherwise have overlooked!

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Thrifting these days…

I’m not able to go thrifting as much as I’d like these days, given the big “C” (I’m honestly tired of saying/hearing it’s name!) However, I’m so thankful that our stores are open and available, as I know this is not the case across our nation. Being able to mask up and escape for some “me time” at our local Goodwill truly is my escape! Thrifting is my happy place and my thrifted finds fuel my creativity!

Thrifting Haul

This trip I actually ended up purchasing more clothing than home decor, which is not the norm for me. I took a risk, as changing rooms are not available for use, but for $25 I got an adorable denim dress from the Gap, three Madewell shirts and a super cool vintage Colorado t-shirt that I adore! And well, I washed them all and they fit perfectly! Completely worth the risk, and hey… worst case scenario… they didn’t fit and I helped out a non-profit that I frequent, so truly I couldn’t lose!

I think I might go back to shopping more of my clothing a Goodwill… it honestly is slightly addicting! The deals are just too good and each of the pieces I bought can transition so easily from Summer to Fall. It opens up a whole new thrill of the hunt!!

The one home decor piece I thrifted

Thrifting with Boxwood and Spruce - Thrift with me Thursday - vintage spoon rack
Similar spoon rack to the one I purchased

Lastly, I purchased an antique spoon display, for which I have a really fun DIY up my sleeve! Stay tuned for that coming soon and happy thrifting!

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  1. Looove this! Especially adores the reindeer and picnic baskets. I don’t think lot NJ Goodwill is that well-stocked! But what I really want to see is the Colorado t-shirt! Great video, thanks for the inspiration!

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