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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

mother's day gift guide yellow meyer lemon tree in a terracotta pot

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, so I have rounded up 21 of my favorite classic and timeless Mother’s Day gift ideas for you! (Yes, 21… I just couldn’t eliminate one!) As a mother of 3 beautiful girls myself, these are items that I would love to receive and I believe my own mother would love to receive! No matter the age, you can’t go wrong with these timeless and classic gifts!

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Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mother who deserves to Relax

I never truly understood the value of “relaxation” until I became a mother myself. If ever there is a person who needs it, it is a mother! Each of the items below are essential to relaxation. So here’s to the momma who stays up countless hours nursing her babies, drying tears, cooking healthy meals and then years later will still not asleep, as she anxiously awaits her teenagers curfew (sacrificing sleep for peace of mind)! And her is to the momma who has already conquered this phase, but now plays the role of world’s best grandma! Here’s to you… you deserve a little “me time”!

Photo Credits: Macy’s and Kimono by Kim + Ono

  1. Amazing Grace Bubble Bath
  2. Kim-Ono Kimono (for use Day or Night)
  3. Floral Pajama Set
  4. Me Time Slippers
  5. Noritake Coffee Mug – for a strong cup of coffee. Trust me, she’ll need it!

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mother who likes to Cook

Some of my favorite childhood memories are tied to the aroma of baked goods wafting throughout the house! Mothers teach us us to crack eggs, they teach us math via measuring cups and tablespoons, and they take on the important role of passing down the timeless recipes of our elders. Some of the best memories are created around food and in the kitchen!

Each of these gift ideas are items that I have either used myself (and own) or are on my own Mother’s Day wish list! Here’s to creating memories where a mother’s food feeds our hearts, stomachs and souls!

Photo Credits: Macy’s, Wayfair and theThe Meyer Lemon Tree from Spring Hill Nurseries

The Meyer Lemon Tree from Spring Hill Nurseries

  1. Meyer Lemon Tree – this is on my wish list! So beautiful, functional and fragrant!
  2. Kitchenaid Mixer – a staple in our kitchen AND it looks pretty!
  3. Instant Pot – perfect for the busy mom (which is EVERY mom!)
  4. Copper & Brass Measuring Cups
  5. Wooden Measuring Spoons

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Hip Mother who loves her Gadgets

The Mother’s Day gift ideas below are for that hip momma in your life! You know the one… She’s always up to date on the latest tech and enjoys the value of a fun gadget! These gift ideas check all the boxes AND look pretty at the same time!

Photo Credits: Soft Surroundings

  1. Magnetic Specsaver – know any other mother’s out there that loose their glasses all the time? I know I do! (Ahem… Mom… hint, hint!)
  2. Phone Fan – perfect size to keep in your purse for those hot summer days. A mother is always prepared!
  3. Glam & Grace Glitzy Glove® Polishing Mitt – quick and easy polishing

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

Nothing’s quite as meaningful or personal as a monogrammed Mother’s Day gift! Below are some of my favorite, that are not only useful, but beautiful!

Photo Credits: Ballard Designs

  1. Monogrammed Makeup and Tote Bags – Great for travel or for taking to the gym!
  2. One in a Million Kate Spade Necklace – I was gifted this necklace a few years back and still it is one of my absolute favorites!!
  3. Custom Stamp & Embosser – cute and handy!
  4. Monogrammed Paper Guest Towels – A classic gift that adds a fun touch to any guest bathroom

Gift Ideas for the Classic Gal

Below are some ideas for the always classy AND classic mother! The kind of mom whose old soul enjoys the finer things in life! These gift ideas are timeless and never go out of style! They possess style, grace and are always appreciated!

Photo Credits: Ballard Designs and Macy’s

  1. Natural Weave Purse – classic Summer sundress accessory
  2. Classic Brass Bud Vase – this too can be monogrammed!
  3. Classic Blue / White Pajama Set – Classic ticking stripe is always in style
  4. Braided Seagrass Tray – beautiful for any room of her home!

I hope that you found these Mother’s Day gift ideas helpful. Gifts needn’t be grandeur or pricey, because really it’s the thought and love that count! However, I hope that these ideas have given you inspiration for how you might shower the mother(s) in your life with love!

Whatever your Mother’s Day tradition, I hope that you enjoy a wonderful day! Our Mother’s Day tradition? I enjoy a morning of “sleeping in” and awake to the most cheerful, smiling faces shouting “Happy Mother’s Day!!!” while serving slightly overcooked berry scones and coffee for breakfast. (and I love it!!) Afterwards, we head to our local nursery to pick out flowers for our front porch urns and some new additions to add to our Mother’s Day fairy garden… a tradition I enjoy every year!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Whether you are a mother yourself or you’re celebrating your own mother… enjoy and relax… you deserve it!

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