Meet Kalyn



Hello! I’m Kalyn, decor enthusiast, furniture painter, stationery designer, mom to three charismatic girls, wife to one supportive husband and lover of ALL things home decor! I have a slight obsession with “thrifting,” and get particularly giddy about decorating and staging a beautiful picture. In a home where toys, clothes and {beautiful} chaos rule my world, these projects and spaces are my zen. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!



Boxwood & Spruce is a lifestyle blog, filled with thrifting inspiration, Do-It-Yourself projects, affordable home decor and creative entertaining. Over the years, I have moved several times – from Kansas City, to Denver, to Charleston and back again! From each location, I have adopted a design style that I love – Part Traditional, part Southern, part Craftsman… it all appeals to me! I have taken these experiences and over the years created a collected look that “feels like home.” This feeling is so important to me!

Home is a feeling that’s warm, inviting and unpretentious. A place where fond memories and stories can be felt the moment you walk thru the door! It’s easy… it’s effortless! It’s my hope that with thru this blog, I can inspire you to help make your house feel like a “home.” A place where you feel happy and creatively inspired!

So, I invite you to come on in and grab a coffee! I hope that you’ll sit down and stay a while!


  1. I am a lover of ANYTHING striped! Give me alllll the stripes and I will be a happy girl!
  2. I don’t do mornings (well at least) 😉
  3. Music motivates me like nothing else
  4. I prefer savory over sweet
  5. My husband and I were on Trading Spaces in 2006.